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2013-Jun-11 07:03

According to this parody image, choosing between men and women turns out a difficult choice for Christina Applegate. So, she tries it both ways, getting fucked by a man and licked on by a woman. Quite a full box set of sensual pleasures, indeed.

christina applegate enjoys mixed threesome sex

And here is Cindy Crawford sharing a man with her girlfriend. Or getting shared by her man and girlfriend if you like.

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2012-Dec-10 03:04

Here you may see and compare two Christina Applegate fakes starring her pantiless. In the first one, she can be seen in a rather decent situation, resembling a woman who has only been caught nude in the process of changing clothes.

 christina applegate poses pantiless


As for the second pic, Christina appears before us as a real pro who knows too well why and how she should take off her pants.


 christina applegate indecent pantiless fakes


By the way, if we look at Mandy Moore getting pantiless, we may agree that both situations (changing clothes and playing a seductress) can be merged together in no time.



2012-Nov-1 05:45

A refined erotic fake in which Christina Applegate turn up as extremely sexy hotel maid, providing you with extra services of a definite sort. Well, of course, this girl can put your room in order, but she will surely perturb your mind at the same time.

 christina applegate sexy fake


It must be a strange hotel because the service staff behaves in a very sexy manner here...



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2012-Jun-30 12:43

Here's another XIZOR fake starring Christina Applegate, and we are just unable to pass it by. Sweet Christina is represented with a luscious body of an extremely sexual young woman in her mid-twenties who has nothing but sex on her mind. Her oiled nude pussy stuffed with a rectangular toy is the point which rivets our attention, and Christina seems to be all carried away with the process, too, stroking her clit with another dildo. The more toys she can get, the more fun she can have. We, too.

christina applegate entertains herself with two dildos


As for sexy toys, girls may use lots of different ones in order to get more pleasure and satisfaction. What do you say of Jennifer Aniston fucking herself with a baseball bat (a faker job, of course, too)?


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2012-Apr-5 04:48

A threesome scene starring Christina Applegate and featuring a double penetration. However, Christina does not do any anal in this fake because both cocks are found in her pussy.

christina applegate gets her pussy fucked by two men at once




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2012-Feb-9 12:32

 It is such a pity that YOVO Fakes do not produce celebrity fakes any more! They were real experts in making celebs nude and horny. Just take a look at this Christina Applegate facial photoshop parody - it's perfect. One can hardly tell it from a truely taken picture. We may only guess how long it took to substitute the porn model's face with the face of Christina Applegate in the way which makes us believe that it was Christina herself who got that creamy facial shot.

 christina applegate gets her share of cum on the face


A different approach to cumshots aimed at celebrity faces can be seen in that Selena Gomez facial fake. No cocks, no nudity, no substitution, just a digital load of cum spread all over the original image of the girl. And no special skills demonstrated either.



2011-Nov-21 03:48

What a cunning slut! Christina Applegate gives in and agrees to suck her man's cock only in return to some pussy licking performed by him. But the guy is nobody's fool either. He only makes his tongue busy when Christina makes use of her filthy mouth. And the only possible solution in this situation is the 69 position they assume.

 christina applegate performs blowjob in 69 position


Jennifer Lopez enjoys position 69



2011-Oct-19 03:29

Kneeling on a little stool with her arms placed on the sofa standing nearby, Christina Applegate does her best to show off her lovely ass. She looks back as if wondering whether we like the sight, or asking for further instruction. Well, Christina, you're looking great, and your ass is perfect! We can add nothing to it.

christina applegate shows off her ass

You may also compare Christina Applegate to Cameron Diaz who exposes her ass in a very similar way.


2011-Aug-31 01:36

Trying to hide her breasts, Christina Applegate has nothing to hide between her legs. In this fake pic, you may also see Christina in full dress, then see her getting stripped, and only after that she appears perfectly naked. A very attracive sight and a nice evolution of the film star.

christina applegate naked

Lindsay Lohan Naked Exhibition


2011-Aug-5 01:18

Dreams of becoming an adult movie star had been haunting Christina for several months when at last she gave in. Prospects looked good. Every pleasure of sex should turn into cash. And sex was the only thing on Earth she could do day and night. Getting a job which would never be boring, wasn't it amazing? And besides, money! People usually get paid for doing things they do not like at all. Even prostitutes. Do prostitutes like fucking? Some of them do. But there are so many of them who only take cocks into their holes because they are paid for that. With Christina, the situation was different. No, she would never like the idea of selling her pussy for bucks, she liked her little twat too much, but getting a steady income for playing with her pussy in an XXX manner was something she could not resist any more. Yes, X-rated films were her destiny. She really had a calling for starring in porn. So, she came to the local studio, and got naked, and stuck a huge dildo into cunt, and had a lot of fun, and... was paid for that.

 Christina Applegate XXX dildo play


Catherina Zeta-Jones XXX

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